The Mother’s Energy Therapy Toolkit Course


A two-class course for equipping mothers with essential energy therapy and spiritual parenting tools.

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Are you a parent who is interested in Christian (LDS) energy healing and how you can integrated into your life? In this 2 week online webinar course, you will receive valuable information to help you in learning and practicing energy therapy in your home with a Christ-like focus.

My goal as a mother and energy therapist is to help parents in their roles. To do this, I desire to empower parents by teaching you these valuable skills and tools that have been instrumental in my life as I’ve raised my ten children.

About the Instructor

shiloah-bakerjanuary2016Shiloah Baker is a Master Energy Therapist and instructor, using the Lifeology energy healing modality. She has studied various modalities and has made aligning energy healing with the gospel of Jesus Christ the focus of what she practices. Her joy in life is her family. She is blessed to be married to Ben Baker and mother to soon to be eleven children. She currently lives in Stuttgart, Germany.



Frequently asked Questions:

What is Energy therapy?
It is the gentle art of clearing cellular memory and balancing body, mind, and spirit. The focus is on clearing the blocks that accumulate to enable the person to heal.

Do I have to have any previous experience?
It is recommended to have some energy therapy experience or to have taken the Energy Healing for Families Course.

Will this course certify me as an energy therapist?
No, that is a separate course in which you will be a certified practitioner. This is a course designed to teach you the skills you need to incorporate this into your life, home, and relationships, not necessarily in that order. However, if you wish to go on in the training courses, this course will be necessary for certification.

I’m not a parent, can I take the course?
Absolutely. The information can apply to everyone.

How long does each class last?
1 1/2-2 hours

Course Syllabus

Course 1:

Discussion of article: The Moral Force of Women
Tools to strengthen your intuition
Sharpen your understanding of how & where the adversary attacks
Fast Removal checklist for when you feel clogged
Your flashlight for finding & removing false beliefs
Finding your Clarity and Peace

Course 2:

Discussion of article: Homemaking—Twenty-four Hours a Day
Having a mother’s heart
Shedding light on the sneaky ways that pride slips in
Refinement: becoming refined and refining our families
Recognize the importance of the need to start with desire (this is more for parenting)
How to tell if the clearing is being accepted and what to do about it

+ Receive the following Bonuses!

A Checklist for when your energy is Clogged (What to clear)
Clarity and Peace checklist
Mother’s Energy Healing Toolkit Worksheet
Clearing Chart for Having a Mother’s Heart
Clearing Chart for Becoming Refined and having Desire

Begin at any time to receive your course module replays:


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